We have simplified our rates and now offer: 1 - 5 sq m @£125 per sq m then 6 - 11 sq m @£100 per sq m and 12 sq m or above @£75 per sq m*

*unless otherwise specified

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Did you know that 6 million people visit the UK's leading county shows, flower and garden shows, boat shows and country events every year?

That's 10% of the population, many of them regular attendees. Where else could you find up to 6 million prospective customers this year?

The Ideal Home Roadshow can help you put your products and services in front of thousands of people.

Ideal Home Roadshow provides a relaxed environment for shoppers seeking the very latest for their homes and gardens in a unique setting.

Ideal Home Roadshow has now firmly established itself as the pre-eminent marketplace for quality goods and services in the UK's outdoor events industry.

We travel the UK putting over 400 clients in front of visitors. We strive to provide a high quality environment including carpeting, flooring and shell scheme.

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