Shell Scheme

What is “shell scheme”?

All exhibitors need to look the best they possibly can.

We are well aware that exhibitors have a choice of outlets.

You still need a good product or service at the right price point but your competitors are also doing that…you will have the better, more professional looking presentation.

Exhibitions are generally a mixture of ‘shell scheme’ packages and ‘space only’ options.

If you aren’t sure what a shell scheme is then these are the ‘pre-fabricated’ booths or stands for which you can purchase for the duration of the exhibition.

The main advantage of shell scheme:

It’s easier than a space only option and you can do everything yourself.

All you need to do is turn up and ‘dress’ your booth. You will need to have pre-ordered power, lighting, water etc.

Shell schemes usually come in several size options so if you are not sure how good the show is but want to give it a go, then you can test it with a lower cost smaller stand option.

So how do you make your shell scheme booth stand out?

There are several things you can do to make your exhibition a success but overall just look at the visual presence you can get with a shell scheme.